William Walsh is a versatile photographer with a broad range of photographic experience. Coming from a commercial background based in London that focused mainly on fashion and product William now lives in the east midlands of the UK. Contemporary portraiture provides the mainstay of the studio and is where William’s creative heart lies although he does photograph a limited number of weddings each year predominantly in Rutland, Leicester and Nottingham although he has been known to venture to mainland Europe Ireland and Norway for the right wedding adventure.

William is still a force within commercial photography with www.TenStarPhotographic.co.uk, TenStar is a group of the best visual creative talent that William has worked with over the past twenty years and handles a diverse range of projects which include PR, Architecture, Advertising, Jewellery, Automobile, Food, Product, Journalism, Sport, Video including specialist After Effects, Website Specialists, Print specialists and everything in between.

So, if you have a project and you need some advice or just someone to act as a sounding board just drop me a line and  …….

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