From start to finish we aim to provide an outstanding service and product. The session itself will start with a short briefing to discuss your specific needs; the number and size of images you would like or maybe the spaces in your home where you would like to hang your perfect portraits. Then it’s on to the shoot itself - you may bring along any props that you like or as many changes of clothes as you wish, but remember that the attention span of a child is short and they tire easily, so we recommend no more than three. There are no rules for the session and we will shoot many different images- some classic portraiture and some contemporary. Remember we are always striving to create bespoke images that are themselves the culmination of the search for photographic perfection.

The shoot will last anywhere between half an hour to two hours long. The images will then be edited, cropped and art-worked to provide beautiful images which will last a lifetime, providing a constant loving glow too you and your family. When the art-worked images are completed you will be asked to return to the studio to choose you favourite images and the way in which they will be displayed.

We are always willing to hear Your ideas and would be very pleased to help you to make them a reality!